Want Farm-fresh Organic Apples?

2021 – Year of the Heat

Ya – so it’s been a little warm here in Southern BC this year. But despite some 40 degree days, wildfires, and a pandemic, our trees continue to perform and the 2021 crop looks great.


Juicy with just the right balance of sweet to tart, our Macintosh apples are the quintessential taste of fall. You really can’t beat a Mac straight off the tree. And for juice? Well that is about as heavenly a nectar as you’re ever going to taste.

But don’t forget about our Honey Crisps. Big, juicy and sweet, sweet, sweet, these are a fabulous eating apple. The only thing better than a big bunch of Macs? A big bunch of Macs AND a big bunch of Honey Crisp (though you need to order fast on those, as quantities are limited).

Other Great Stuff

Of course, as with all good things, you’re going to have to wait – apples won’t be ready ’till mid-September. Before that though, we’ll have our plump, juicy Italian Prune Plums available – delicious for eating fresh and excellent for drying.

And… we hope to be able to offer pears and tomatoes this year. Quantities will be limited, so make sure to check with us if you’re interested.

Looking to order?

Drop us an email, give us a shout at 250-256-4246, or complete our contact form. You can arrange to pick up at the farm, or take advantage of our Whistler delivery in September (date tbd). Scroll down to see our price list.



Find us at:

Farm Gate – 800 Purvis Road

  • By appointment – give us a ring at 250-256-4246 or drop us an email

Find us here: (and note that Google doesn’t know exactly where we are – keep going to the top of Purvis Road)


Price List (prices subject to change and quantities to availability)

Product (all certified organic) Price
Macintosh Apples by the pound $1.50/lb.
Macintosh Apples – 40 lb case


Macintosh Apples – u-pick at the farm (call ahead only, or Sept 18 10am-4pm) $.75/lb.
Honey Crisp Apples by the pound $3.00/lb.
Honey Crisp Apples – 40 lb case $80.00
50/50 Mac-Honey Crisp – 40 lb case $65.00
Italian Prune Plums by the pound $2.50/lb.
Italian Prune Plums – 10 lbs or more $2.00/lb.
Pears – mixed varieties by the pound $2.50/lb.
Tomatoes – by the pound $2.00/lb.